The Great Gatsby - Critics

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  • The Great Gatsby - Critics
    • The American Dream
      • "Gatsby... embodies the core conflict in the American Dream between illusion and reality." - Bewley
      • "Fitzgerald clearly intended a fundamental criticism of the American Dream." - Milgate
    • Social class
      • "Gatsby loves Daisy because she is his point of access to a dominant class." - Godden
        • Love
          • "Money overpowers love." - Krumweide
    • Love
      • "Money overpowers love." - Krumweide
    • Money and materialism
      • "Dizzying narcissistic wealth and it's sudden corruption." - Reynolds
      • "Unbridled consumerism posed a threat to the purity of the American Dream." - Forward
    • Morality
      • "Monstrous moral indifference." - Bewley
    • Life and death
      • "Only Gatsby himself lives and breathes, all others are lifeless." - Meneken
    • Appearance v reality
      • "Daisy deliberately chooses to embrace certain illusions and play certain roles." - Resneck
      • "Because of his [Nick's] ability to see through both worlds, he become a source of clarity." - Falth
    • Women
      • "Nick Carraway is a mouthpiece for the patriarchal rhetoric of early twentieth century." - Fischle
      • "Ownership of women is invoked as the index of power." - Fetterley
    • Masculinity
      • "The manhood of the self-made man was forever in doubt." - McKay


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