The hospitalised child

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  • The hospitalised child
    • Theories
      • Illustrated using Rhesus monkeys
      • Freud
        • Kids stay with adults only for food
      • Harlow
        • Kids stay with adults for safety, security and comfort
    • Behavioural reactions when hospitalised
      • Occurs in 3 stages
        • Protest
        • Detachment
      • 15 months optimal
    • How to make the experience better for them
      • Do the procedure in day surgery or outpatients where possible
      • Teach the parents how to care for the child
      • Unlimited parent visits
      • Preparation for hospital in kids over 6 who haven't been in before
      • Reduce the number of staff dealing with the patient
      • Communicate with child
    • Misconception
      • Faulty representation
        • "It hurts because the bugs keep bursting my veins"
      • Punishment
        • "I hit Nathalie the other day so now I have a needle in my foot!"
    • Behavioural reactions after hospitalisation
      • Decline in behaviour (e.g. potty training)
      • Nightmares
      • Irritability


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