B2 Immune System

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  • The Immune System
    • Non-Specific White Blood Cells
      • Attack and engulf anything that's not meant to be there
    • A network of Immune Responses including White Blood Cells etc.
    • Specific White Blood Cells
      • These recognise particular Antigens
        • Antigen
          • Substances that trigger immune responses - usually proteins on the surface of a microorganism
          • These are specific for each Microorganism
      • Certain kinds produce Antibodies
        • Antibodies
          • Antibodies are proteins specific to a particular Antigen.
        • These do on of 3 things
          • Mark them for other WBCs
          • Neutralise them
          • Kill them
        • Once a WBC has made an Antibody it will divide to produce more identical cells that produce the same antibody
          • Some stay in the body as Memory Cells


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