The Inspector context and analysis

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  • The Inspector
    • The inspector is a proxy for Priestley's views.. A SOCIALIST CHARACTER
      • he believes we are "intertwined" so have a responsibility to everyone around us
      • The audience at the 1945 theatres would have been upper or middle class people so this contradicts Priestley's message
      • "we are members of one body" contrasts with Mr Birling's view that is every man for himself
    • Presents it as not just a SOCIALIST PLAY but a CHRISTIAN play
      • 80% of the 1945 audience would be deeply Christian so by supporting his socialist views with Christian ones, he is building the trust of the audience.
      • Even the most anti-socialist Christian would accept the Christian message- "we are members of one body" because it is a message from communion
    • Anti-War constructed character
      • "fire and blood and anguish" is a description of the war the audience have just lived through and the war the characters will live through
      • Priestley is making a direct link between capitalism and the desire for war
        • The greedy people who rule society want war. WAR IS AN ECONOMIC RESULT OF CAPITALISM
    • Presents a feminist message
      • "Men" not "man" not "mankind" which directly puts the blame on the males. This encourages his female audience to reject Churchill, a great wartime PM
        • Churchill got him sacked from his show on the BBC in 1941
      • Most people in the audience would be female because men would still be in Europe for the end of the war


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