The Issues when doing research & the choice of research area

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  • The Issues when doing research & the choice of research area
    • The issues when undertaking research
      • Why do some topics of research occur again while other issues are rarely explored?
        • e.g. young people and offending is often researched.
        • Perhaps more commonly researched issues are easier, or cheaper or more interesting
        • Is funding less likely to be obtained for research into subject areas that threaten more powerful groups?
      • Why do sociologists choose to use some research methods over others?
        • which method is more useful in which circumstance?
        • Are there implications for research using 1 method over another?
    • Factors when choosing an area of topic to study:
      • affected by the researchers values and position in society.
        • unlikely to study issues they don't think are important
      • sociologists have their own interests as professionals
        • generally want to further their careers & tend to research topics that attract research funding
        • Most funding comes fromthe Economic and Social Research Council, channeling money that originally comes from the government
          • decisions also influenced by government priorities which explains why some subjects are more researched
      • influenced by developments in sociology & society. new government policies often lead to new research (introduction of new types of schools)
      • research presenting serious ethical difficulties (sexuality in school)  less likely to be conducted.
        • researching a topic may confirm peoples views on a particular issue.
          • e.g. studying the negative side of African Caribbean life can lead to association between race & criminality or race and failure
      • those with strong theoretical beliefs about society are likely to study topics they see most important.
        • feminists feel obliged to examine position of women in society and analyse how patriarchy is used
        • marxists often study issues like concentration of power and wealth and importance of social class divisions
        • functionalists often look at role of religion or schools in passing on values
      • influenced by the practicalities of carrying out research. If time consuming, expensive, difficult it's less likely to be carried out


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