The Juries

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  • The Juries
    • Qualifications
      • 18-70 years old
      • Registered UK citizen
      • Can't be mentally disordered
      • Cannot have a conviction of 5 years+ imprisonment
    • Selection Process
      • Vetting - the prosecution or defence check the potential juror for suitability
      • Array - the right to challenge a whole jury if the jury is biased
      • Right to stand - prosecution stops someone being on jury and puts them at the bottom of the list
      • For cause - the right to challenge individual jury members
      • Jurors background - checks to find political views in cases of national security/ terrorism
    • Role
      • Civil
        • Not many civil cases use a jury - cases of fraud or false imprisonment may
      • Criminal
        • Decide whether the accused is guilty or not guilty.
        • Accept a majority vote and do not have to give reasoning for the verdict


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