the just war

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  • the just war
    • Islam
      • lesser jihad - obliges muslims to fight under certain conditions - covers fighting against non-muslim aggressors
        • war is allowed in following circumstances - war can be just if it meets these conditions
          • last resort
          • done in self-defence
          • decision to fight should be made by religious state leader
          • should be done for just cause - not for gain of territory - instead to protect territory
          • another islamic country has been attacked
          • another state has tyrannised its muslim citizens
      • it is believed that those who fight for the cause of islam will recieve the favour and reward of god
        • "to anyone who fights in god's way [...] we shall give a great reward"
      • conduct in war
        • wars should be fought proportionally
          • many don't support chemical weapons because damage isn't considered proportionate
        • fighting without anger
        • prisioners should be treated in a civilised way
        • monks, animals and trees shouldnt be killed except for food
      • avoiding war altogether is preferable
        • "know that the evil of war is swift, and its taste bitter"
    • Christianity
      • Thomas Aquinas developed a distinct set of criteria - just war theory - lays out confitions under which fighting a war is justifiable
        • criteria: just cause, correct authority, intention to promote good, last resort, chance of success for both, proportional methods to win
      • war conduct: just means - no targetting innocence, appropriate force, internationally agreed conventions
      • although just war acceptable, it is much better if there is no war
        • working together to avoid situations where war is a possible outcome is preferable to fighting
        • some christians disagree with the theory of a just warm because it defends the concept of wat in certain circumstances


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