The Kite Runner Chpt 11

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  • The Kite Runner chapter 11
    • Chapter shows how Baba is although indulges in modern western culture is very traditional
      • Struggles to cope in America - irony
      • “Baba loved the idea of America” page 118
        • American dream
    • The description on page 117 juxtaposes the descriptions of Afghanistan
    • Baba used to have a rich lifestyle but lost his money when he left afghanistan
      • Had to leave the money behind
      • Expensive to get to America
    • Amir and Baba become closer
      • Baba left Afghanistan for Amir
    • “Now America. One last gift for Amir.” Page 120
      • America the land of opportunity especially for Amir
    • “But I would stand my ground, I decided. I didn’t want to sacrifice for Baba anymore” page 125
      • Both Amir and Billy have rough relationships with their fathers
      • Amir hasn’t matured mentally 20 years old blaming his father
    • General Taheri is at the flea market to try and sale his daughter
    • General Taheri and Baba don’t approve of Amir’s career choice


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