The Media & Ideology

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  • The Media & Ideology
    • Ideological role of the media
      • Concerned with the extent to which the media socialises audiences into a particular view of the world
      • media can be seen to manufacture consensus around a central set of views
      • can be achieved through the media production of messages which the audience receive & respond to
      • This response expected by media companies is what MORLEY deems a 'preferred' or 'dominant' reading
    • Marxism
      • see society as having a dominant ideology that justifies the inequalities in society
      • Althusser believed ideology was spread throughout society via social institutions, which he claimed were units of ideological state apparatus
      • Althusser asserted that these ideological institutions induced the masses into a state of false consciousness
    • Instrumental/Manipulative (similar to traditional Marxism)
      • owners have direct or indirect control over media content
      • audiences are passive & unquestioning
      • direct control = directly telling writers what to cover
      • indirect control = hiring like minded people, allocation of resources
      • Curran & Seaton = sun newspaper backed a succession of prime ministerial candidates favoured by Murdoch
      • journalists self-censorship covering stories that will be published & sell
      • Harold Evans = murdoch intervened / overruled his editorial control
    • Ideological/ Hegemonic (similar to neo-marxism)
      • Media content is produced by writers, journalists etc.
      • Glasgow University Media Group
      • Audiences are active & engaged with media content BUT come to accept the dominant ideological messages over time through decoding media messages
    • Evaluation
      • user generated media allows audiences to respond to media content.  it's outdated as it underestimates this
      • diversity of media outlets & info sources which present a diversity of views
      • personal experiences & individual opinion are going to have an impact on your world view/ perception of things


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