the media globalisation and popular culture

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  • the media globalisation and popular culture
    • evidence globalisation has increased
      • decreasing amount of media owners (BAGDIKIAN)
      • time-space compression
      • Mcdonaldisation
      • technology advances
      • glocalisation
    • pop-culture & high culture
      • pop culture is sometimes referred to as mass culture or low culture
      • pop culture is often linked to unchallenging and passive entertainment
      • high culture is not a part of everyday life, but something to be treated as 'special'
      • aimed at upper and middle class
    • global culture
      • FLEW
        • the evolution of technology has played a key role in global culture
      • KELLNER
        • purposed the idea of cultural homogenization
      • SKLAIR
      • RITZER
        • companies now operate on a global scale promoting global culture
        • E.G. who wants to be a millionaire has aired in 120 countries
    • cultural imperialism
      • when one culture or region dominates the cultural output
      • 9/10 top media companies originate is USA
      • E.G. Mcdonalisation or glocalisation
      • has caused a decline in high culture
    • folk culture
      • refers to a lifestyle and community
      • usually historically handed down through oral tradition
      • a lot of it has been lost due to new media and globalisation
    • mass culture
      • new media has lead to a merge of pop culture and high culture
      • new media allowing high culture available to everyone
    • right-winged critics
        • mass culture is threatening high culture
    • left-winged critics
        • mass and pop culture conceal the extent of capitalist control
        • new media is another way of suppressing and brainwashing them


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