The media representation of age

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  • media representation of age
      • often shown in positive ways
        • little angles
        • exceptional super achievers
      • however also shown negatively
        • irritating
        • drain on society
        • Found that children in the last 15 years have started to deal with realistic problems in shows
          • E.G. TRACEY BEAKER
    • YOUTHS
      • COHEN
        • Moral panics turned youths into folk devils
      • WAYNE ET AL
        • 82% of media focuses on the violence of teens
          • SFP/ LABELLING
    • OAP
      • stereotypes of OAP
        • comic relief
        • undesirable state in life
        • stubborn and grumpy
        • however, dove actively went against the idea and made a campaign which actively went against this idea
        • only 1.5% of characters in movies are elderly
      • NEWMAN
        • notes that MC elderly people are often portrayed in TV as occupying high status roles because they are seen as trustworthy
      • WHITE ET AL
        • Lack of representation of middle aged women within the media
        • found that audiences believe the media are both out of step and insulting with ageing within society


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