The media representation of gender

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  • media representation of gender
    • media representation of females is stereotypical
      • TUCHMAN
        • symbolic annihilation
      • MULVEY
        • the male gaze - camera MAN objectifying women
        • women should look perfect, much like mannequins
    • media representation of females is not stereotypical
      • MCROBBIE
        • positive values have increased in teen magazines, called the Cosmo effect
        • new form of assertive femininity that are embedded in girl power which challenge traditional stereotypes
      • INNESS
        • KNIGHT
          • however highly sexualised - fighting f*ck toys
        • changing roles through characters like lara croft, black widow e.c.t
    • media representation of men is stereotypical
      • EDWARDS
        • new man simply a product of advertisement
      • GILMORE
        • men are shown as solely, providers, protectors and impregnators
    • media representation off men is not stereotypical
      • NEW MAN
        • aimed at M/C men, emotionally vulnerable and active fathers


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