The Nervous System

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  • The Nervous System
    • The Central Nervous System
      • Made up of the brain and the spinal cord
        • The brain is the centre of all conscious awareness
          • The outer layer (cerebral cortex) is 3mm thick and is only found in mammals.
          • The brain is divided into two hemispheres
        • The spinal cord is an extension of the brain.
          • It passes messages to and from the brain and connects nerves to the PNS. It's responsible for reflexive actions.
    • The Peripheral Nervous System
      • Transmits messages, via millions of neurons, to and from the CNS.
      • Autonomic Nervous System
        • Governs vital functions in the body such as breathing, heart rate, digestion and stress responses.
      • Somatic Nervous System
        • Governs muscle movement and receives information from sensory receptors.
    • Two main functions of the NS
      • To collect, process and respond to information in the environment.
      • To co-ordinate the working of different organs and cells in the body.
    • Communicates using electrical and chemical signals.


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