The Odyssey B6 theme quotes

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  • The Odyssey B6
    • divine intervention/ fate
      • "to his palace the bright-eyed goddess Athene made her way, intent on her plans for the great-hearted Odysseus' return."
      • "Athene swept in like a breath of air to the girl's head, leant over her head and spoke to her"- Athene inspiring/ manipulating  Nausicaa to go to the river and subsequently meet Odysseus
    • suplication
      • "consider whether he should throw his arms around the beautiful girl's knees and beg for help"-
      • "better to keep his distance and courteously plead his case." - cunning
      • "clasp my mother's knees"- key as Nausicaa tells him to go for Areyte not Alcinous
    • vivid imagery
      • "Nausicaa took the whip and the gleaming reins, and flicked the mules to make them start."
      • "then he advanced on them like a mountain lion who sallies out, defying wind and rain in the pride of power, fire in his eyes, to hunt down the oxen" - simile of 'Odysseus being this primitive animal and the vulnerable Nausicaa's who is unsuspecting as she "threw off her headgear and began to play ball prior to the meeting
    • xenia
      • "we must look after him  since all strangers and beggars are under the protection of Zeus"- she is very pious
      • "So give him food and drink,g irls , and bathe him in the river where there's shelter from the wind" - key parts of xenia however she doesn't bathe him to keep up her virginal status
    • kleos
      • "this is how a bride gains a good reputation with people"- how woman get kleios via marriage
      • "And may the gods grant you your heart's desire; may they give you a husband and a home" - for her to be fulfilled and have kleos she must have a successful marriage (link to Penelope)
      • Nausicaa gazes at him in admiration"- he is so heroic he attracks everyone
    • disguise
      • "taking the form of the daughter of a ship's catain named Dymas, a girl of Nausicaa's own afe and one of her closest friends."
    • structure
      • Shifting perspective
      • narration via Nausuicaa giving us an outside oerspective to Odysseus' heroic qualitirs


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