The Odyssey Book 8 major themes

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  • The Odyssey B8
    • memory/grief
      • "but Odysseus with his sturdy hands drew his purple cloak over his head and hid his handsome face, as he was ashamed to be seen weeping in front of the Phaeacians" - identity& kleos
      • "he managed to conceal his tears from everyone except Alcinous" - start of his identity revelation
      • "Odysseus' heart was melting with grief"
      • "He wept as a woman weeps when she throws her arms round the body of her beloved husband, fallen in battle" - SIMILIE showing his pathos
    • divine intervention/ fate
      • "he won with the help of the indomitable Athene."- worthy of divine aid
    • kleos
      • "Odysseus, favourite of Zeus, sacker of cities"
      • "stranger that has just arrived at our wise King's palace after being driven to wander over the seas; he looks like an immortal god"
      • "picked up the biggest discus of all, a huge weight, more massive by far than the Phaeacians normally used. ... and flying smoothly from his hand it overshot the marks of all the other throws" - adding to his heroic status
      • "fastening it neatly with a complicated knot" - his heroic quality
      • "Odysseus, looking like Ares himself"
    • the role of the bard
      • "leading their favourite bar, whom the Muse loved above all others"
      • "the Muse set the bard to sing the famous deeds of the heroes"
      • "all men honour and respect bards"
      • Odysseus compliments Demodocus (bard) for telling the story like he was there- "It is almost as though you had been with them yourself or heard the story from someone who was."- irony
    • timé
      • "each of the the orinces dispatched his squire to fetch the gifts" - Alcinous believes he is worthy of gifts


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