The Origins of Psychology

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  • The Origins of Psychology
    • Wilhelm Wundt (1832 - 1920)
      • His approach was to study the structure of the mind - Structuralism
      • He is considered the father of Psychology
      • He investigated cognitive processes which can be broken into three parts
        • Images
        • Sensations
        • Thoughts
    • Early influence include Rene Descartes and his concept of Cartesian Dualism
      • the mind and body are separate entities
    • John Locke came up with the concept of empiricism that all knowledge is derived from sensory experiences
    • Only study and measure behaviour that is observable and can be studied using the scientific method
    • The scientific method was used for looking at behaviours
      • Objectivity
      • Subjectivity
      • Replicability
      • Empirical methods
    • Charles Darwin's theory of evolution set the stage for the emergence of psychology as we know it today


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