The President

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  • Is the president's cabinet important?
    • NO
      • Article II of the Constitution vests 'all executive power' in the president.
      • There is no doctrine of collective responsibility.
      • The members are neither the president's equals nor his political rivals.
      • The president often views members of his cabinet with some suspicion because of divided loyalties.
      • EXOP is the main source of advice-giving for the president, not the cabinet.
    • YES
      • It contains some of the most important people in the executive branch (e.g. secretary of state, secretary of defence).
      • All the heads of the 15 executive departments are automatically members.
      • The presidents always chairs the meetings.
      • Cabinet meetings can fulfil a number of important functions, both for the president and for cabinet officers.
      • Some presidents hold frequent meetings (Reagan), or less (Trump).


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