the benefits and disadvantages with oil in Nigeria

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  • The benefits and disadvantages With Oil
    • Governments embarked on ambitious projects which needed huge loans. Nigeria are now in deep debt.
    • many of the jobs in the oil industry taken by foreigners.
    • country became totally dependent upon oil prices fell Nigeria was badly hit.
    • Nigerian agriculture collapsed as people left the countryside to seek wealth in the cities. Agricultural exports fell from from £200 million in 1971 to £95 million
    • Nigeria's cities have grown far too rapidly. Lagos population grew by 300,000 a year during the early 1980s
    • Big increase in government income from oil revenue
    • Oil productions and related industry provides many jobs
    • Great improvements to education and health
    • through its oil Nigeria has a more important voice in African and world affairs
    • Development of new industries such as oil refining
    • Increased personal wealth caused a flood of imports of consumers goods which hit Nigerians own industries. eg cars


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