The purpose of Research

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  • The purpose of research
    • Improving outcomes
      • Healthcare professionals conduct informal research to understand an individuals health status to be able to provide correct treatment/care
      • Larger organisations monitor patterns of diseases to input prevention strategies
      • Organisations conduct research on service users to find out if/how services are benefiting them.
    • Policy and practice
      • Key term :Policy - is rules that are made by an organisation to achieve aims and goals.
      • This meant that more ward nurses were on duty, training programmes for all staff and that all patients have named Dr  displayed above their bed.
    • Extending knowledge
      • Technological advances have meant that better quality/new research, which has improved healthcare/treatment.
      • E.g., Development of brain scans (MRI) allow us to test the brain
    • Identifying Gaps
      • As communities change over time, so do the need of the community. E.g., families moving/new jobs created will change the community profile.
      • We can also assess changing community needs by:
        • Monitoring the level of demand for services
        • Analyse data collected by charities on speific diseases
        • Asses the impact of new treatment


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