The road to independence

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  • Road to independence 1942-48
    • To what extent did WW2 impact on Indian politics?
      • Threat of invasion
      • Cripps mission
      • Quit India and repercussions
      • Wavell becomes viceroy
      • Bengal famine 1943-44
      • Failure of the Simla conference 1945
    • How far did the relationship between Britain and India change in the years 1942-45?
      • Impact of war on British rule and Indian nationalism
      • Influence of the US
      • Labour government's Indian policy
    • Why in the years 1945-46 did attempts at a political solution fail?
      • Impact of Indian elections
      • Failure of Cabinet mission
      • Interim government under Nehru
    • Why did independence involve partition?
      • Mountbatten and decision to withdraw
      • Reasons for partition and nationalist response
      • Partition plan
      • Boundary commission
      • British withdrawal and communal violence
      • Independence for India and Pakistan


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