The role of chromosomes and hormones

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    • Hormones
      • A chemical substance circulated in the blood that controls and regulates the activity of certain cells or organ
        • Gender development is influenced by hormones
          • Prenatally in the womb, hormones act upon brain development and development of reproductive organs
            • Puberty: hormonal activity triggers development of secondary sexual characteristics
              • Male hormone:  Testosterone
                • From the androgen group that is produced mainly in the male testes. Associated with being aggressive
                  • Nanne Van de Poll et al. (1988) showed that female rats who had been injected with testosterone became more physically and sexually aggressive
              • Female hormone: Oestrogen
                • Plays an important role in the menstrual cycle and reproductive organs: heightened emotions and irritability (PMS)
      • Oxytocin
        • Causes contraction of the uterus during labour and stimulates lactation.
          • Reduces the stress hormone cortisol and facilitates bonding
    • Chromosomes


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