The Role of the Education System

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  • The Role of the Education System
    • Postmodern Views
      • The economy is now post-Fordist with education encouraging more diversity into society.
      • Morrow and Torres - Society is more diverse as a result of New Labour and people of any ethnicity, gender, sexuality etc. are as important as one another. There has been an increase in specialist schools (e.g. faith, a focus on one subject).
      • Marketisation means that schools have become businesses with the parents and students playing the role of consumers.
      • Education has become 'hyperreal' - There is more use of technology in education, with the use of online sources and virtual lessons.
      • Education has become more individualised - teachers should now use different teaching styles in lessons because of different ways in which students learn. It is more learner centred.
      • Greater fragmentation - School children who are educated privately have a rather relaxed education, with the right structure of lessons and school years.
    • Feminist Views
      • Education is secondary socialisation which helps enforce patriarchy.
      • MacDonald (Radical feminist, 1980) - Schools reproduce both patriarchy and capitalism.
      • McRobbie (1978) - Females are absent from Marxist studies.
      • Women have always had a disadvantage in the past with men having more control.
      • Education has been seen as on a macro scale.
      • Radical feminists believe that patriarchy won't end until women are freed from violence caused by men in the classroom. They research sexual harassment in education and how it's not treated as seriously as other forms of bullying.


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