The role of TNCs in Nigeria's development

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  • The role in TNCs in Nigeria's development
    • A TNC is a large company that operates in several countries. Usually has headquarters in one country with production plants in several others.
      • advantages
        • companies provides employment and development of new skills
        • investment in local infrastructure and education
        • other local companies benefit from increased orders
        • valuable export revenues are earned
      • disadvantages
        • local workers are usually poorly paid
        • poor working conditions
        • management jobs often go to foreign employees
        • much of the profit goes abroad
    • Shell OIl in the NIger Delta
      • has extracted oil from the Niger Delta since 1958
      • advantages
        • major contributions in taxes
        • directly employs 65000 Nigerian workers
        • provided 250000 jobs in related industries
        • 91% of all Shell contracts have been placed with Nigerian companies
      • disadvantages
        • oil spills caused water and soil degradation, damaging agriculture and fishing industires
        • frequent oil flares send toxic fumes into the air
        • oil theft and sabotage cost TNCs and the government billions each year


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