The State and The Government

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  • The State and The Government
    • The State
      • A collective name for the institutions that administer a country
      • Exercises control over a political community
      • It is permanent and politically neutral
      • Remains unchanged even when the government changes
      • Examples...
        • The armed forces
        • Law enforcement agencies
        • The bureaucracy and civil service
        • The BBC, NHS, and Benefits Agency
      • The state enables the government to run and manage the country effectively
        • Provides the government with mechanisms and processes to manage conflict
    • The Government
      • A collection of individuals and bodies that are political in nature
        • Consists of a PM, Cabinet, junior ministers, and political advisors
      • They are impermanent
        • All individuals will cease to be in government if they lose power
      • We expect the government to give political direct to the state
      • Senior members of the state are appointed by the government


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