The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  ~Characters~ 

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  • Mr. Gabriel John Utterson
    • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.  Hyde  ~Characters~
      • Dr. Hastie Lanyon
        • He was close with Jekyll, but he distanced himself after learning about Jekyll.
        • Also highly respected in society.
        • Later on in the novella, he becomes very ill and refused to speak to anyone about Jekyll.
        • He dies later on and leaves Utterson with a letter which he says must not be read until Jekyll either dies or disappears.
      • Dr. Henry Jekyll
        • Respected in victorian society, a doctor of medicine with many friends.
        • Utterson learns that Hyde is living in Jekyll's house and starts to question Jekyll about him but Jekyll says to him not to worry.
        • He isolates himself from everyone when Hyde kills Sir Danvers Carew.
        • He later disappears and so Utterson reads the confession and the new will Jekyll left him. REVEALED THAT JEKYLL IS HYDE
      • Mr. Edward Hyde
        • Small, heavily disfigured and deformed man, who is described as "ape-like" and "juggernaut".
        • He tramples over a young girl about 8-10 years old and doesn't care.
        • He's violent towards Utterson and he also commits crimes which take place at night.
        • In Jekyll's laboratory, Hyde's body is discovered.
        • Lanyons letter and Jekyll's confession reveals that HYDE WAS JEKYLL.
    • He's a lawyer who rarely drinks and is sometimes jealous of people who have committed wrongs.
    • Highly respected as a person in victorian society, due to his excellent reputation.
    • He is a friend of: Lanyon and Enfield and he is also Jekyll's lawyer and considers him as a friend.
    • He is the character that guides us as the audience through the mystery before it is eventually solved.




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