The Tempest: Miranda

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  • Miranda
    • Past productions
      • Rebellious Miranda threatened a school-teacher like Prospero. - Mendes 1993
      • When Miranda and Ferdinand become sexually excited, Prospero douses them, with a bucket of water. - Donnellen 2011
      • Miranda given an angry speech directed at Prospero and Caliban. - Dryden 1667
      • Miranda lifts log to help Ferdinand. - RSC 2016
        • Comedic, challenges sense of duty and gender norms
    • Critics
      • Possession
        • "Miranda is property to be exchanged between father and husband" - Loomba
        • "She is a pawn in a patriarchal society"
      • Subordinate
        • "Miranda's role seems to be that of a dutiful daughter" - Gibson
        • "Miranda is conditioned to accept male authority" - Brett
      • Virginity, purity
        • "Miranda is both assaulted and honoured for her virginity" - Blystone
    • Key moments
      • A2S2 Miranda meets Ferdinand
        • "A thing divine, for nothing natural I ever saw so nobel"
      • A5S1 Miranda meets the royals
        • "Beautiful creatures"
        • "Oh brave new world that has such people in't!"
          • naive
      • A1S2 Miranda learns about Prospero's past
        • Miranda feels sympathy for the royals
          • "Oh the cry did knock against my very heart"
          • "I have suffered with those I saw suffer"
        • "Your tale sir would cure deafness"
      • A3S1 Miranda tells Ferdinand her name
        • "Oh father it brakes your best to say so"
    • Themes
      • Love
      • Duty and loyalty
      • Freedom and entrapment
      • Gender and power
      • Education and naivety


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