1.1.1 The Trinity

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    • What is it?
      • The FATHER created us and provides for us as a human father would. Our relationship with him is like parent and child.
      • The SON means Christians can worship Jesus because he is God in human form. He was conceived by the action of the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to save us.
      • The Holy Spirit is how God communicates with humans on earth today. It is how all the sacraments put believers in communion with Christ.
    • Nature and Significance
      • The Father
        • In the Bible Jesus told his disciples to call God the father.
        • A person should talk to God like a child would to their father.
        • God is a creator who also looks after his creation.
      • The Son
        • Jesus is God incarnated, both fully human and fully divine. So Christians can worship him because he is God.
        • Is the son of God and was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit.
        • Only the son of God had the power to gain salvation for all.
      • The Holy Spirit
        • Is the way God communicates with humans, revealing his presence in he world.
        • The Holy Spirit inspired the authors of the Bible and assists the Church in preserving apostolic tradition.
        • Through the sacraments it joins us together in union with Christ.
      • Nature and Significance is expressed in the Nicene Creed.
    • SOWA
      • The Catechism says the Trinity is a holy mystery central o the Christian Faith.
      • The Nicene Creed states that the Trinity is one God experienced as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
      • The Catechism says that belief in only one God is the basis of Christianity.
    • How is the Trinity reflected in worship today?
      • Praying to the Father, through the Son in the presence of the Holy Spirit
      • Teaches Catholics that they must work together to bring more love into the world just as the the persons of the Holy Trinity work together to bring Gods love into the world/
      • Every mass is started with a welcome in the name of the Trinity.
      • Worshippers state their belief in the Nicene creed in mass.
      • It helps Christians to understand the presence of God in the world.


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