The U.S After Nixon

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  • Ford and Carter as Presidents
    • Gerald Ford
      • took the oath in Aug 1974
      • risen thru the Republican ranks in Congress
      • cultivated a 'man of the people' image
      • Chevy Chase impersonated Ford every week for his clumsiness
      • LBJ: "Jerry Ford is so dumb he can't fart and chew at the same time"
      • Sept' 74: Ford pardoned Nixon as he had suffered enough
        • an option discussed with Nixon's Chief of Staff, Haig
        • Most Americans wanted Nixon punished
    • Carter as president
      • Carter positioned himself as a Southern Protestant and a Washington outsider
      • Visited 37 states, gave 200 speeches before candidates announced their presidency
      • His first policies were aimed at healing divides
        • pardoned Vietnam- era draft resisters
        • ended funding for the B- 1 bomber airplan
        • pushed comprehensive consumer- protection bill
      • Congress was unwilling to cooperate with Carter because he refused to make promises of federal spending
        • mutual contempt and distrust was established
        • still passed 29 new pieces of legislation
      • Initial popularity w/ the media faded
        • Aug '79: chased by a rabbit
        • Oct '79: collapsed from heat exhaustion
      • his nephew Willie: "He smiles outwardly but at heart he's a cold ************"


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