The U.S by '63

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  • The U.S by 1963
    • Position as a world power
      • Relations with Khrush improved after Cuba
        • signed the Limited Test Ban Treaty in '63 banning testing of nukes in space
      • JFK attempted to rebuild relations with Latin America
        • Peace Corps by Sargent Shriver
        • Alliance for Progress promising $20 billion in aid
      • White House tried to improve its image with programmes like 'Food for Peace'
        • allowed countries to buy U.S crop in surplus in their own currency
      • CIA
        • Sept '60: removed Lumumba in Congo for his talk of pan- africanism
        • May '61: removed Trujillo in Dominican Republic and Velasco in Ecuador
        • the secrecy and dependence on covert operations eroded faith in the U.S
    • Economic Prosperity
      • Kennedy inherited a 6.8% unemployment
      • seemed to be anti- business due to a public dispute over steel prices
      • proposed a cut in income tax from a range of 20-90% to 14-65%
        • growth was seen by '63
      • JFK was influenced by Galbraith's 'The Affluent Society'
        • emphasised the poverty of a permanent American underclass (40-60mil Americans)
      • Matusow's argument: tax cuts changed the future of economic policy but affected Medicare
    • Social Change
      • Women
        • Presidential Commision on the Status of Women reports: women earn 55% of wages of men
        • Friedan's 'Feminine Mystique'
          • articulated the problem at the roots of women's lives
        • Equal Pay Act was signed in June 1963
      • Youth
        • student activism was inspired by
          • the Vietnam War
          • the beat generation
          • civil rights movement
        • SDS was founded @ Uni of Michigan in 1960
        • Port Huron Statement '62
          • called students to improve American society
          • produced by SDS, SNCC, CORE


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