Business Sudies ( Businesses and People), Stakeholders

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  • Stakeholders are people/group of people who are interested in the business or are affected by it's activity...
    • Management
      • You would want your business to succeed.
        • Control the business and recieve perks E.g. company car, gym membership,office...
    • Employee
      • Would want a secure job and money
    • Competitiors
      • Want their business to be better than yours.
    • Customers
      • want good quality products at good prices.
    • Government
      • want the business to follow laws and make wealth for the country.
    • Pressure Groups
      • Want the business to act in there interest
    • Suppliers
      • Want to be payed on time and want them to buy in bulk
    • Local Community
      • Want the new  business to provide new jobs. Don't want the business to be placed in a 'beauty spot'




The stakeholder concept lends itself to a mind map and this is a good. It could be developed by adding some of the stakeholder conflicts as well.



Adding conflicts will help, but excellent revision source

lion revising


business is ****

ismail bozkil


madting fake 101



agreed it is so **** 

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