The Children Act 1989 and 2004

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  • The Child Act (1989 and 2004)
    • Work in partnership with parents to protect children
    • The welfare of the child is paramount
    • The Children Affects
      • Parents
      • Teachers
      • Foster Carers
      • Social Workers
      • Nursery workers
    • The Children Act gives Every Child Matters, legal underpinning
      • Every Child Matters' five outcomes... SHEEP
        • Staying Safe
        • Being Healthy
        • Economic Wellbeing
        • Enjoying and Achieving
        • Positive Contribution
    • The Children Act encourages children to make their own decisions, they should be kept informed
    • The 1989 Act made local authorities responsible for childcare
    • The Child care law was changed in 2004 to improve children's lives
    • Strengths
      • There are clear guidelines if a child has to be taken in to care as a last resort
      • System of redress
      • Allows children to be heard
      • Protects children from harm
      • Supports families and children to stay together
      • Information database has been set up so no child slips through the net
    • Weakness
      • Children still slip through the net, for example, baby P.
      • Children aren't usually aware of their rights  and legal protection
      • There can be communication errors between professionals


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