The Debate Over Hispanic Immigration

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  • The Debate Over Hispanic Immigration
    • Key Concepts in the Debate
      • Integration/ assimilation
        • The process of absorbing new cultures and ethnic groups into a dominant white Anglo Saxon political culture of the USA
      • Multiracialism
        • The idea that there can be many races from various backgrounds in society who can still live side by side if they share the same values and outlook (and language)
      • Multiculturalism
        • Different members from different racial backgrounds but also has and accepts different cultures, language and outlook
    • Conservative Views (Republican)
      • Generally demand integration/ assimilation
      • On the conservative right, accept multiracialism
      • Reject multiculturalism, newcomers should adopt American ways
    • Liberal Views (Mostly Democrats)
      • Immigration restrictions should not target Hispanics and illegal immigrants should be legalised and given a chance
      • Provisions for bilingualism
      • Best way to preserve social harmony and prevent resentment, they make up 18% of society so their views should be listened to
      • New Hispanic immigrants only speak Spanish and have their own distinct communities and way of life
      • In some places the concentration of them is so intense Spanish is now equal to English
    • Detailed Conservative Arguments
      • Over 2.25 million Mexicans crossed in the 90s legally and many more illegally, some claim that they will make up 31% of the pop. by 2060
      • Hispanic immigration is much bigger than ever, 2,000 mile border with Mexico makes it easier to cross illegally
      • In recent decades 11 million Hispanics have entered illegally
      • Concentrated in the Southern border states and Florida so difficult to make them assimilate
      • Anglo Saxon culture is important because these are the values that define America
      • They do not want to assimilate and want to keep their own language and culture - 10% of the American population speak Spanish as their first language
      • Not all Republicans support this, George Bush from Texas was sympathetic to Hispanics
        • Did radio broadcasts in both English and Spanish
    • Main Liberal Policies
      • Bi lingual provision for Spanish speakers in places like schools and those holding public office
      • America needs to adapt to allow the Hispanic population to have its own cultural and political views
    • Conservative Policies
      • Deal more harshly with illegal immigrants
      • Restrict immigration by Hispanics because they are a threat to American social unity
      • Take measures to ensure the English language remains dominant


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