Views on present life and life to come

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  • The importance of present life and life to come.
    • Religious
      • Christianity
        • Emphasis is on the afterlife and not this life. This is seen as preperation for life to come (Heaven or Hell)
          • Matthew 6:19 "But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven"
        • St Anthony - father of monks, lived by this teaching "If you would be perfect, go sell all you have, give to the poor and follow me"
        • Predestination - God 'elects' who will go to heaven, he already knows.
        • Absolution: The Last Rite, If you repent of all of your sins on your deathbed, you still go to heaven regardless of  acts in the present life.
          • Premillenialists: What you do in this life determines what will happen after death - Parable of the sheep and goats
        • Justification by Faith: True faith is needed in order to achieve salvation.You have to act well and not just think it.
    • Secular
      • Marxism
        • "Man's dearest possession is life"
        • Marx rejected any notion of an afterlife, 'just a fantasy, dreamt up by religion'
        • Said we should consider the world we are in no and make this world a better place, fair and just for everyone.
        • Rejects unjust actions of the church which have used man's fear of punishment after death in order to profit
        • "We know that every flower is born only to wither and in some sense the transience of the bloom lends it a tragic beauty"
          • Treasure life whilst it lasts. Focus on this life, and not an afterlife.


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