Features of a Church

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  • The Most Important Features of a Church
    • Pulpit
      • A platform for the Priest to give sermons from
    • Lectern
      • A Stand for The Bible
    • Font
      • Used for Baptism
    • The Cross
      • Represents the death of Jesus
    • Altar
      • It is a High Table, where the bread and wine are blessed in some services
    • The Stations of the Cross
      • A Set of 14 pictures which are found around the walls of the Church.
        • Each Picture shows a different scene from the Bible Accounts of  the death of Jesus.
          • Roman Catholics may stand before each station and can pray or meditated before it
    • Iconostasis
      • It is a big screen which separates the main part of the church from the sanctuary which contains the altar.


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