The aims of the Postwar Consensus 1951-64

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  • Aims of the Postwar Consensus 1951-64
    • Housing
      • The state will provide 'social housing' for those poorer people who needed it
    • Social security
      • The state is responsible for providing money to support all people when they need it e.g. illness
    • Education
      • Free secondary schooling for all. A law was passed in 1944 which set up Grammar schools, secondary moderns and Technical schools. School was compulsory to 15.
    • Full employment
      • The government had to use Keynesianism to make sure there was no unemployment
    • Mixed economy and nationalised industries
      • Conservatives were less keen although they only denationalised two after they got into power in 1951
    • Free health care
      • Bevan introduced the NHS which all people could use if British
    • A broad agreement among the parties on the essential policies which will govern the nation.


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