The Use of Drugs in Sport

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  • The use of drugs in sport
    • Reasons for use
      • Psychological
        • To steady nerves; increase aggression; increase motivation
      • Physiological
      • Social
        • Pressure to win from coaches, media, peers; win large sums of money; prepared to 'win at all costs'
        • Fear of not winning; belief that everyone else is taking drugs too; to be entertaining
    • Consequences
      • Morality
        • Gives an unfair advantage; undermines the true spirit of sport; reflects badly on others
      • Health/well-being
        • Can be addictive; lower life expectancy, even death; cause liver disorders & heart disease
        • Can suppress growth; can cause sexual & reproductive problems
        • Affect moods and behaviour, causing aggression or depression
      • Legality
        • Against the laws of the country; against the laws of sport
      • Role modelling
        • Gives a bad example to others, especially young people who might copy their role models and put their health at risk
        • Gives a bad image to sport and lowers its status
    • Possible solutions
      • Stricter, more rigorous and out of season testing; stricter punishments and life bans
      • Coordinated education programmes for athletes and coaches which highlight the health and moral issues surrounding drugs
    • Possible solutions
      • More money for increasingly efficient and effective testing programmes; unified policies about the issue; role models to reinforce their 'no drugs' position
  • Physiological


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