Themes in the Aeneid

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  • Themes
    • Fate
      • Juno delaying fate
        • Aelous to create a storm
        • Make Dido fall in love with Aeneas
      • Jupiter's prophecy about A's destiny
      • Mercury remind A to follow his fate
      • Shield shows the future  battles
    • Pietas
      • To the gods: Ascanius carries the penates from Troy
      • Family: Goes back for Creusa and takes Anchises
      • State: Fulfilling destiny
        • Chooses fate over love for Dido
    • Mortal women
      • Dido: Strong, well-respected. After A neglects city, work stops, commits suicide
      • Amata: Stirs up war after Allecto, suicide when she thinks Turnus is dead
      • Creusa: Sympathetic. encourages A on his journey
      • Camilla: Strong female warrior, killed
    • Rome
      • Aeneid propaganda for Augustus and Rome
      • Shield shows events in R's history
      • Aen connected w/ Cae
      • B8: tour of Pallanteum (future R)
    • Family
      • Ev. & Pallas: sends son to war, has no other choice, speech wishing he could stay
      • Anc & Aen, carries him B2, advice in B6
      • Dido & Anna, close An encouraged D to pursue Aen
      • Lausus jumps in front of Mez, killed, M avenges L
      • V constantly protects A, gives him new shield
      • Juturna encourages men to fight for T, drives chariot


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