Themes and Symbolism: Identity

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  • Themes and Symbolism: Identity
    • Guilt in every aspect of Amir's life.
    • Amir: Defined by his failure to save Hassan and his failure to live up to his fathers expectations.
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    • Amir's journey towards becoming a man who will 'stand up' for things.
    • Amir has enjoyed a privileged life.
    • Hassan still refers to Assef as 'Agah' even though he insulted his whole family.
    • Others: Can be determined by their race or ethnicity.
    • General Taheri: Defines himself by his previous role in government. Symbolised by his suit.
    • Amir: Accepts his traditional upbringing. Wants to generate a new identity with Soraya who is unhappy with her identity as a women as it limits her in an Afgan community.
    • Identity - Complex construct influenced by ethnicity, gender and experience.


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