Themes in A View from the Bridge

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  • Themes in A View From the Bridge
    • Tragedy
      • From the beginning, tragedy is foreshadowed
        • "Those who understand will turn against you"
        • "You won't have a friend in the world"
    • Masculinity
      • As soon as Marco and Rodolfo arrive in the Carbone household, there is tension between the men over how masculine they are.
        • "Have respect for her"
        • "I want my name Marco"
        • When Marco lifts the chair above his, he demonstrates his idea of masculinity to Eddie
    • Justice and Law
      • Alfieri represents Justice and Law in the play, however he has very little impact on the events
        • "Only God Makes Justice"
        • "All the law is not in a book"
        • "I'm a lawyer. I can only deal with what is proveable"
    • Love and Family
      • The main characters in the play are all family and the only link between Marco and Rodolfo and the Carbone's is the they are family.
        • "He killed my children!"
        • "My B!"
          • This shows that after the tragic events in the novel, the last thing that Eddie thinks about is his family so it is important to him.





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