Theoretical approaches to divorce

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  • Theoretical approaches to divorce
    • The new right
      • Divorce = a serious threat to society
      • Single parent families cause in appropriate socialisation which can lead to anti social behaviour
        • Lack a male role model = lack discipline
      • Fatherlessness result in a high risk factor for crime
    • Feminists
      • Divorce = females escape from prision
      • Restricted divorce = forced into unhappy marriages
        • Domestic violence
        • Liberal divorce laws = greater independence for women
    • Functionalists
      • Drop in marriage rate = due to higher expectations of marriage
      • Divorce = negative. Marriage and the nuclear family help society to run smoothly
    • Post - modernists
      • High divorce rate is + as it gives individuals the choice to end a relationship when it no longer meets their needs
      • Cause of greater diversity = +


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