Theories on media diversity

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  • Theories on media diversity
      • We do not have diversity in the media
      • The capitalist ruling class own and control media content, the media therefore only transmits ruling class ideology
      • Capitalists use media to promote their products to make a profit and to maintain cultural hegemony
      • We get one view point and that is only from a capitalist view point
        • PLURALISTS argue that the media does not try to disguise oppression. Media reflects the concerns and interests of group in society
        • NEO MARXISTS argue that there are some ideas present in the media that challenge capitalist views
      • We do not have diversity in the media
      • The media is shaped by ruling class culture, this is only because these are the dominant values in society
      • Media owners may put pressure on journalists to present cultural  hegemony in their reporting
      • Journalists rarely get the chance to put their own views forward that clash with ruling class ideology
      • GUMG
        • Media does support the capitalist system, by this is a by-product of social backgrounds of the journalists
          • White, middle-class males that went to private schools
        • These journalists are constrained by economic pressures, agenda setting and a need to support the interests of the media owners
        • PLURALISTS argue that the in UK, the media is not manipulated, as we see lots of negative stories
      • We have diversity in our media
      • Our media is diverse and all points of view in our democratic society are catered for
      • Just because some stories have more coverage, it does not mean that they have been manipulated
      • The media merely mirrors what the audience wants to see and sees as important
      • Media operates in the interests of the public opinion, they follow it rather than shape it
      • The professionalism and integrity of journalists and media workers means that there is a strong tradition of investigative journalism
        • MARXIST what about the influence of media proprietors?
          • Lack of voices in the media CULTURAL HEGEMONY
        • Churnalism- DAVIES
        • What about the drive to make profits and advertising revenue?


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