Therapies of All approaches

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  • therapies of all approaches.
      • drugs can target different parts of the brain, mental illness can be treated the same as physical illness - the medical model
      • antipsychotics can help treat schizophrenic disorders and their are a few types.
      • atypical occupy the receptors temporarily managing the intake of dopamine.
      • conventional antipsychoticsblock the neurotransmitters
      • anti anxiety  drug types are like valium, there are Beta Blockers that reduce adrenaline and noradrenalin by binding to the heart and arousing other body parts
      • benzodiazepines (BZ's) are a common anxiety treatment, they slow down the nervous system by GABA enhancers.
      • antidepressants work by reducing the reuptake of the neurotransmitter.
      • they can work in two ways, one is blocking the enzymes the other blocks the transporter mechanism that reabsorbs
      • SSRI is selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, and blocks transporter
      • CBT is all about changing a persons thought process/patterns.
      • cognitive restructuring is where a therapist questions the evidence .
      • dysfunctional thought diary, is where they rate events 1-100 in how much they think they are going to happen
      • both therapist and client work together in this.
      • in the therapy they plan each day to give a sense of accomplishment ,positive distracts from negative thoughts.
      • systematic helps people get over their phobias through reciprocal inhibition.
      • 1. taught to relax, 2. create heirarchy, 3. visualise event, 4. move to next after mastered and go through ladder
      • direct = vivo
      • indirect = vitro/covert
      • the desensitisation heirarchy starts with least, and goes to worst
      • counterconditioning is the reciprocal inhibition or mindfulness, relaxation inhibits the anxiety.
      • psychoanalysis is a form of therapy to make the unconscious conscious, it is all about the threatening nature of our unconscious
      • it helps surface traumatic events
      • when we sleep our ego defences are low, the ID roams free in sleep.
      • freud described dreams as a railroad to the unconscious.
      • the real meaning of a dream, latent content is transformed into a different thing called manifest content.
      • a penis may represent a snake or a gun and a vagina as a  tunnel or a cave
        • not everything is symbolic though, a cigar could just be a cigar.
      • the therapist is to reverse the dreamwork process to decode the manifest content to latent content.
      • secondary elaboration is the unconscious mind collecting images


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