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  • Thermodynamics - Part 1
    • Using the ideal gas equation
      • SATP = 298.15K and 1 bar
      • molar volume of an ideal gas = 24.8 dm^3 mol^-1
    • Kinetic molecular theory and the gas laws
      • assumptions:
        • gas molecules have negligible size
        • collisions are elastic so there is no energy loss
        • the molecules don't interact with each other
    • The speed of molecules in a gas
      • gas molecules move at high speeds that depend on temperature and molar mass
      • maxwell-boltzmann distributions = distribution of molecular speeds
        • max value in a curve represents most probable value of the speed
      • characteristic properties of a gas
        • collision cross section = target area for another molecule to collide with
        • collision frequency = mean number of collisions per second
        • mean free path = mean distance travelled between collisions
      • gas molecules at atmospheric pressure undergo collisions at rate of 1x10^10 s^-1
    • Real gases
      • ideal gas equation describes experimental behaviour well at low pressure and high temps but deviates at high pressure and low temps
      • more realistic equation is van der waals equation


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