This Is England

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  • This Is England
    • Genre
      • Social realist
        • Social realist conventions in this is england
          • Gritty film topic.(swearing on title page)
          • Unknown actors
            • None of the cast were well known actors. This helps the audience focus on the characters rather than be influenced by a famous actors stereotype
          • Under represented groups in society shown within the film
            • skin heads
          • Mixture of stereotypes and non-stereotypes trying to reflect realism
          • Slow moving. to show realism + reflect real life
          • often serious films with some comedic elements
          • quite harsh with a meaning and a message + a political wing
            • The film maker has a specific argument or message to deliver about the social world and employs realist conventions to express the message or argument
      • Very typical of its genre
        • Technical codes making it conform to the social realist genre:
          • Hand held camera
          • low budget
          • independent film
          • no special effects
          • Low key lighting
          • rural setting/ gritty
        • Script
          • Improvised
          • Narrative left in a cliffhanger
          • slow moving narrative
          • always told in a linear way with events unfolding around the central characters rather than several narratives and sub plots
      • Shane Meadows leading light in social realist films.
    • The social realism genre was born in the 1960s in an era called the british new wave. Films that emerged- Taste of honey- Look back in Anger
    • Social Realism is often regarded as Britain's richest gift to world cinema
    • the texts often subvert the traditional heroic idea of britishness depicted in war films bond films etc


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