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  • This is England- Representation
    • places
      • Seans room clothes and later the surrounding streets clearly represent the poverty that shauns family live in
      • Strong representation of contemporaryBritain in post-industrial decline, in desperation turning to nationalism to re-capture the true spirit of england
    • People
      • Combo's shaven head tattoos and snarling expression represents him as a stereotypical thug. ( although we see he has a soft side in the scene when he declares his love for woodys girfreind and gets rejected
        • His shaven head suggests he identifies very much as a male and his large figure and tattoos suggest he is strong and aggressive
        • More traditionally masculine character, bringing focus to his own strength and lack of emotion
      • Gadget is represented as someone who himself feels 'put upon because of his size and quickly joins combo because it gives him the chance to 'put upon' someone else
      • Woodys girlfreind LOL has a regular job as a nurse and is seen as a stabilising influence on the g
      • Shane meadows constructs the character shaun sympathetically. His miserable facial expressions tatty clothes and small size encourage the audience to feel sorry for him so they hope he willl find the acceptance and freindship he desperatly needs
        • Sympathy is essential for the audience to follow  the charachter as he falls under the influence of the nazi skin head combo
      • Woody- unlike combo he dosent desire to express his dominance physically. He is far more compassionate and freindly
        • Woody is rather skinny which would suggest he is less obsessed with strength and power
        • Freindly character always willing to make to take the opertunity to make others feel better
          • Woody is a Binary opposition of Combo
        • Woody almost takes over as shauns father figure
    • Gender
      • The leading characters are male supporting characters are female
      • The men are seen as having to pursue increasingly violent and criminal means to ge their goals
    • Youth
      • The typical representation of youth is usually rebellious with no worries and who is generally care free. The usual representation is proved when the gang are in the deserted house and trashing it. However this scene can be seen as innocent and more playful than agressive as woody and the gang persuade shaun
        • To take part as a way of cheering him up and giving him a chance to take his anger and emotions out on objects rather than people
      • They are often portrayed just wandering the streets and cause innocent disruption to people and places around them this could also be seen as a typical representation of youth as it is still a strong representation of youth today


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