threats to henry vii 2

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  • Threats to Henry VII
    • Edmund de la Pole
      • Closest yorkist claiment.
      • Support of Margret of burgandy
      • Imprisoned for life in the tower. Executed 1513
      • Henry wasn't yet secure in position - had few sons
      • Upset he wasn't Duke of Sulfok - 1499 - fled to France. 1501 - court of holy roman empire
      • 1504 - acts of attainer
      • Not serious
      • 1501- 1509
    • Perkin Warbeck
      • Impersonating, Richard Duke of York(One of the princes of the Tower) Henry could not rove Warbeck was an impersonator
      • Recived international support. Charles VIII of France and Margret of Burgundy
        • Welcomed into the French Court, joined with 100 Yorkists
        • James VI supported by 1500 men married Henry VII daughter and support stopped
      • France signed treaty with England not to harbour rebels.
        • Never got stabel support and didn't end in battle. Unsuccessful invasion
      • Expensive and embarrassing
      • 1491-99


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