threats to henry vii

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  • Threats to Henry VII
    • Lovell Conspiracy
      • 1485 - Royal Progress in the North, involvin Lord Lovell and the Stafford brothers
      • Supposed to occur at same time as one in Wales
      • Early in the reign meaning little threat
      • Learned of threat before stopping it from occuring. Arrested theose involved with choice of excommunica-tion, death or pardon.
        • Humphrey executed, Thomas pardoned. Lovell went to church
      • The conspiracy didn't stop the progress and led to more loyalty and obidence
      • 2/10 - not serious threat
    • Yorkshire Rebellion
      • 1489- Not dynastic (to do with taking over monarchy) demand for money
      • Parliment had granted Henry VII funds to aid Brittany. tax increase. Yorkshire became hostile after a bad harvest
      • Rebellion, with the Earl of Nourthumberland murdered, and had nobel support.
        • Rebellion works and tax is reduces
      • Earl of Surrey defeated the rebels, and Henry travelled to offer pardons. Peace but no more tax granyted and not unusual for a rebellion
      • 3/10 more serous.
    • Cornish Rebellion
      • 1497 - not dynasticand for same reasons as the Yorkshire
      • Marched to bleek hills., with 15,000 supporters, shows unpopularity of tax. Had cross class support, march on Londo. Large army required to  stop
      • Little nobel support, and was rather local. Army of 25000 crush the rebels in Blackheath, not getting to Henry, with only the leaders executed
      • 4/10
    • Lambert Simnel
      • 1486-1487  Impersinated the Earl of Warick who was the leading Yorkist claiment, who had been arrested and thought to be murdered
      • Created by Richard Symonds - alliance with Ireland. Persived to be Edward VI
      • Supported by Margret of Burgandy, money and mercenaries, sent 2000.
      • Henry did not find out until 1487
      • Tried to invade, 8000 rebel army but Henry had an army of 120000. Ended quickly, but battle could have gone either ay
        • Paraded the real Earl of Warick around.
        • Lambert captured, Simnel given work. Thhe attempt did not get support in England but did internationally
      • 6/10


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