to what extent did Germany achieve total war economy.

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  • to what extent did nazi germany achieve a total war economy?
    • the war economy.
      • leadership wanted to avoid problems = series of economic decrees in december 1939. (vest programs for war production)
        • germaan military expenditure doubles 1939-1941, food rationing introduced, 55% of workforce on war related projects, limited availability for consumer goods
      • production was by inability to coordinate and inefficient work. many projects were behind and not set to finish till well int war.
      • armed forces wanted quality over quantity = failure to achieve required levels of armaments production.
      • germany also faced labour shortages = forcibly recruited foreign workers from southern and central europe.
        • called women into workforce (37%). tried to introduce single women to war = unpopular
          • armed forced needed to know wives / girlfriends were safe = prevent another morale crisis (1918)
      • failure to mobilise adequately. Germnay fell behind Britain. (% GDP spent on military had 13% differency between Germany/ GB in 1941)
    • Rationing
      • 2/5 Germans were more healthy than before war. diet was limited and bland.
      • hot water was only allowed 2 days per week.
      • goods taken from conquered contries were kept for high ranking individuals.
      • declaration of total war 1943 = everything geared towards war.
      • defeat became more likely as the government became more chaotic = people began to rely on black market for goods
    • Goebbels, speer and total war
      • production shortages became a problem, amaments production was lower than Britains.
      • 'rationalisation decree' december 1941. reform economy and eliminate waste. 'industrial self responbilty' = ensure mass production
        • speer = able to coordinate processes and ensure all materials are exploited.
          • concentration camp prisoners as workers
          • employment of women in armament factories
          • no conscription for skilled workers
          • elimination of products that did contribute to war production
      • feb 1943  goebbels called for total war = what speer had been working towards
        • success? tank production rose by 25%, total arms production rose by 59% (threefold increase in war materials)
        • lack of ? gauleiters were able to prevent speers orders at a local level, ** exploited conquered lands for personal gain, conquered territory plundered, impact of allied bombings = caused diversion of resources  .


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