To What Extent Do NGOs and Governments Have Different Views on Development

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  • To What Extent do Governments and NGOs have Different Views on Development?
    • NGOs
      • organisation receiving voluntary donations to work independently of govts to aid development without making profits
        • cannot be funded by govt bc makes them biased & not-impartial
        • research and development - lobbying and pressure groups
        • views depend on size and purpose of the organisation
          • larger = broader view: focus on national and international issues
            • but Oxfam also form partnerships with smaller NGOs
          • smaller = more local expertise and smaller, more specific projects
      • Send A Cow, Uganda
        • sends a cow to Ugandans so that they can provide for themselves
        • must share knowledge & taught farming practices with other households if you get a cow
          • locals distribute knowledge
        • worked with over 40,000 households
        • how do we decide who needs a cow? can cause conflict
      • Oxfam
        • development is redistribution of wealth from the global north to the global south
        • works alongside LEDC governments and focuses on training and advice for local communities
          • development is both top-down and bottom-up
        • supports grassroots projects
          • development is both top-down and bottom-up
    • Governments
      • unit power over a nation state which  sets and administers policy and exercises political and sovereign power through customs, institutions and laws
        • can be: democracy (UK), republic (France), monarchy (Saudi Arabia), aristocracy (House of Lords), dictatorship (North Korea)
          • Global north tends to be democratic
            • try to have whole-country perspective of development as were elected
              • modernisation as development
                • poverty reduction as development
          • Global South tends to be authoritarian
            • tend to see development as helping their own tribe
              • feeding egos = big projects, top-down
                • poverty because of litter trickle-down
      • Ugandan Government
        • democratic republic
        • priorities are education, security & good governance, energy & mineral development, agricultural productivity, employment opportunities, and developing infrastructure
          • NDPII has large scale humanitarian perspective
        • allocating money to education as a way to build secondary education - creates myth of meritocracy
        • opposition: Forum For Democratic Change, holding demonstration - President been in power 30 years - violence after elections


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