Topic 2: Republic

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  • Creating a republic 1960-61
    • Verwoerd's aims
      • complete apartheid- grand apartheid- separate development
      • this could only be achieved if South Africa moved from the influence and control of Britain
    • The significance of Macmillan's 'Wind of change' speech
      • Conservative PM of Britain
      • Feb 1960
      • celebrating 50 years of the union of South Africa
      • responding to Verwoerd's call for a republic
      • 1956- nearly 2/3 of external investment was from Britain and 1/3 of trade with Britain
      • 'the wind of change blowing through Africa'- encourage decolonisation
      • Presented that African nationalism was natural, indicating white south africans needed to accept it
      • implied that black South Africans should have political rights
      • Verwoerd understood decolonising Africa by pursuing the homeland policy
    • A republic established
      • October 1960 52% (white south africans) voted a republic
      • Black opposition parties rejected the move
      • Became a republic on 31 May 1961
      • the rand replaced the pound
    • Leaving the Commonwealth
      • March 1961 conference called
      • Verwoerd intended to be a republic in the commonwealth
        • Asian and African heads of state strongly against them remaining in this
      • Afrikaner dream fully established


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